Nutrient Therapy Biochemical Research

This is a list of some of the research I have come across in my own search for published scientific literature on the subject while writing my articles. It is by no means exhaustive of what is available out there, especially as far as the earlier decades and the general literature concerning the effects of nutrient deficiencies are concerned.

Hoffer/Pauling/Pfeiffer publications:

Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Varying the Concentrations of Substances Normally Present in the Human Body May Control Mental Disease

The Association Between Schizophrenia and Two Objective Tests

Hydroxy-Hemopyrrolenone, not Kryptopyrrole, in the Urine of Schizophrenics and Porphyrics


Treatment of Pyroluric Schizophrenia (Malvaria) With Large Doses of Pyridoxine and a Dietary Supplement of Zinc

Walsh publications:

The Effectiveness of Targeted Nutrient Therapy in Treatment of Mental Illness

Elevated serum copper levels in women with a history of post-partum depression

Elevated Blood Copper/Zinc Ratios in Assaultative Young Males

Micronutrient Therapy for Violent and Aggressive Male Youth: An Open-Label Trial

Reduced Violent Behaviour Following Nutrient Therapy

Discerning the Mauve Factor

Full Walsh Research Institute publications on their website, including Powerpoint presentations and conference papers

Other related publications:

HPL (“pyrroles”) as a good marker for diagnosis.

Clinical Test of Pyrroles: Usefulness and Association with Other Biochemical Markers

Overview of Urinary Pyrrole/Mauve Factor Analysis

General Deakin University study in nutrition and depression

How MTHFR variants affect propensities for psychosis from Pyrrole Disorder, over/under methylation, and copper toxicity

Prof Julia Rucklidge Research publications

Vitamin-mineral treatment improves aggression and emotional regulation in children with ADHD: a fully blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Vitamin-mineral treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults: double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial

Nutritional therapies for mental disorders

Nutrition and Mental Health

What if nutrients could treat mental illness?

Effect of Micronutrients on Insomnia in Adults

Full Rucklidge research publications on ResearchGate (free access)

General nutrient research representative studies

Zinc deficiencies implicated in Autism onset

Effects of Zinc Supplementation in Patients with Major Depression: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Decreased Zinc and Increased Copper in Individuals with Anxiety

Randomized trial of the effect of zinc supplementation on the mental health of school-age children in Guatemala