Team HPL for Pyrrole Disorder



You have Pyrrole Disorder AKA Pyroluria? Have a loved one who does? There is not much known in the general public about this way of looking at brain disorders which can have terrible effects on people. The people who have this diagnosis can feel like an obscure bunch or part of some Team they had no say in joining. I know I do. If you’re still able somehow to have a sense of humour about this, you may feel like the ultimate unwilling hipster. A lot of expensive research is needed in this for general recognition and better treatments, and more awareness will help get the funding required. You can show your membership of the Team or support of those who have been made members of this Team, perhaps it may start a conversation.

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Team HPL Tshirt

Some of the items you can buy in the collection.

All items for sale in this collection are sold at base cost. There is no money in this for me or the shop owner, this is not what it’s about. More will be added as time permits. As someone who was successfully treated for it, I take great pride in spreading the word. I hope you may get something similar out of it.

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