Nutrient Power by William J. Walsh, PhD.

When I was freed from the terrible symptoms of my own prolonged mental illness, I was ravenous to find out exactly why. Why was it that what I had thought of as ‘mere’ vitamins and minerals had been so effective in relieving my anguish? Also, why was it that in my middle age after decades as a Psychiatric patient I had not known to think of them any other way? I found the answers in this book. Luckily for me, I am technically minded but I find even then I have been needing to re-read it periodically as my knowledge and understanding in these matters increases both from my own research and my formal university Medical studies. Also I cannot underestimate, in the rewards I obtain from my periodic re-reading, the progressive improvement in my general cognitive abilities as I put behind me the decades of brain impairment both from the illness itself and the side-effects of the medications which had belatedly helped to some extent. My own review on Amazon, one of many positives:

This is my Bible regarding the paradigm of Mental Health testing, diagnosis, and therapy which saw me freed from the crippling symptoms of Depression and Anxiety I had struggled with for almost 30 years. In this book Dr Walsh outlines the science and rationale behind the approach which has proven itself in clinical outcome studies, involving the normalisation of brain chemistry with selected micronutrients in combinations and doses determined from objective blood and urine tests from decades of clinical research.

Definitely not a self-treatment manual, and very dense with scientific concepts, it is intended for the more technically minded to help them with the understanding of the mechanisms and treatment models involved. It is my hope that the information presented in this book may help with the impetus to get funded much-needed research which will see the validation of the clinical outcome trials, especially with the expensive Randomised Controlled Trials which are necessary to see such a valuable paradigm given the consideration which my personal experience and observations suggest to me it should be given.