lazarus-copyFrom my partner:

“You ask about the old Dominic? He was basically debilitated and had been for 20 years or more. He forced himself to get up each morning if he had to work; otherwise, he tried to avoid facing the day by staying in bed as long as possible. This was his worst time (he called it the ‘morning horrors’) and he was only really communicative and relaxed by 7pm onward in the evening. Even then he was still consumed with anxiety, it was just better than it was in the morning.

He wore a look of distraction most of the time and struggled to be engaged because all of his energy went into simply fending off his Anxiety which he said was so bad it was virtually ‘exquisite’ in its severity. He had no lust for life. No dreams. No goals. He was just getting by – attempting to ‘look’ normal. To fit in. He had mastered the ability to cover up (to the unobservant) but living with him I saw and heard his ongoing anguish.

He ate healthily, meditated 1 hour a day and exercised daily. Managed to hold down a part time job. It had taken 13 years for his excellent psychiatrist to help him find a combination of drugs that gave him some semblance of a life, not a life of joy or energy but the bare minimum to attempt at least looking normal and having a part time job so he didn’t have to try to survive on the Disability Support Pension alone. When I met him, he’d been 20 years on medication with the combination tried over the previous seven years having been mildly helpful. I guess to Dom, it felt like a big success, to be able to study and to have a job out of that. He wasn’t living though.

After dating a few months, I suggested he try weaning off his medications. I was a mental health worker at the time and I was concerned about the long term side effects. I wondered if perhaps he was overmedicated, or perhaps under the meds, he was better but he just didn’t know it. He agreed and started the process of slowly weaning off. It was not good. I watched him slowly descend into madness. He became dangerously unwell with nightmarish, constant reoccurring thoughts about poverty and anguish in the world. Most of us are compassionate about other people and want to contribute to the world, but for him, it was as though a starving, war torn victim was directly in front of him, at the dinner table. On the lounge. In our home.

There was no buffer between him and all the evils and suffering of the world. These thought branched out into ethical living and helping others and donating tonnes of money, but I have to emphasize, he was CONSUMED day and night. I was able to talk him down sometimes, and normalise those thoughts temporarily, but within hours he was back there, a tortured soul ranting about suffering. I started to feel like perhaps I was the unwell one; I wondered how come I was not consumed by the suffering of others, maybe I was a horrible person and he was a saint, maybe he was going to leave and live in sackcloth and ashes and spend the rest of his days feeding the poor and hungry. It forced me to look at myself. I considered where the healthy point lay. The point at which a person is driven and passionate about helping others and the other extreme where people are wilfully disinterested in anyone but themselves.

I decided that a healthy person was passionate and driven to help others but it seemed pointless if there was no joy in it. I deeply believe that when we find our purpose no matter how hard it is, we can work in the most difficult of conditions and yet still find joy in it. I said to Dom that you cannot serve from an empty vessel, you can’t help the poor by becoming one of them and you add nothing to the world by not being grateful and joyful for what you have already. Dom knew and accepted this at a rational level but his illness pulled him in the other direction.

It was becoming apparent that he needed to go back on his meds. We broke up for a short time as I was finding the relationship extremely difficult, his lack of motivation, his basic lack of wellness. We were not apart for long, I need to tell you that underneath that unwellness is a heart of pure gold, a great humanitarian and a wealth of desire to get better. Dom is the brightest most intelligent man I have ever met and coupled with that is a humble outlook, and an openness to try new things.

As I mentioned earlier, I worked in Mental Health and I had heard some clients saying that since they got diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder, they were much better. One had severe Anxiety and Depression and the other had Schizophrenia. The client with Schizophrenia raved about the effects but sadly she was not consistent with her supplements and became unwell after stopping her medication abruptly. I worked for the Medicare Local Partners In Recovery program and I asked for some funding to get other clients tested. Sadly, they declined.

I asked Dom if he would get tested, and I gave him some information. Dom was open but HIGHLY sceptical!. He did a lot of research (and there’s not much out there) before committing to going. I am sure it was only because he loves me a lot that he agreed, however, he is not the sort of person to shut off to things either. I was excited he agreed, so I thought, “strike while the iron’s hot!!” and in quite uncharacteristically pushy behaviour for me, I booked an appointment for him and sent him the details of how to get there! I said to him, lets at least rule out the physical side. I had wondered if it was a spiritual thing also or if he needed acupuncture, or a hypnotist. I was obsessed and desperate to see him well.

Dom went along to the appointment, and came back mildly interested (but not terribly convinced). He attended the second appointment and got his results back Pyrrole levels 46!! (5 is considered normal and 15 is high) and under-methylated. He bought the supplements recommended and made sure I knew they were “very expensive”!!!! Especially on top of the doctor’s appointment and the blood tests. It’s true they were expensive, it all was. But I said, “well what have you got to lose?” He completely agreed.

It was 2 weeks later that amazing changes started to happen. His outlook brightened, he was lighter and less troubled. He was smiling more (I’ve been with Dom just over a year and I never saw him smile widely enough to notice he had a gold tooth!!!!!) and the biggest indicator, was one morning, I was having my morning cuppa around 5:30am (I’m an early riser) Dommie usually gets up as late as he possibly can, around 10 or 11, anyway, I was sitting there when I noticed he was standing in the door way. I was immediately alarmed. I said, “OMG, what’s wrong?? Are you ok?” He replied, “I FEEL GREAT!!!” lol.

He no longer struggles to get out of bed, he smiles and laughs easily. He is still a huge Humanitarian but it no longer consumes him, he simply lives his life doing what he can to give back, but being able to maintain his own happiness also; prior to that he wouldn’t allow himself happiness while others were suffering. The changes just kept coming. He had more energy. He was enthusiastic and positive and he told people, “I feel like I’ve just woken up from a nightmare”. As he started to get used to this new feeling, and the novelty of feeling ‘normal’ lasted a good two months, he started to get angry. He was better simply from vitamins and minerals.

He had been seeing psychiatrists, psychologists and Medical Doctors for years. He said, “I’m bloody angry, now I know I’ve suffered unnecessarily for two decades”. This drove him to the Internet. He told his story to everyone he knew. Some people were interested but most weren’t, many were sceptical and thought he was selling something. He got kicked off /r/anxiety at reddit.com for spamming!

One of his closest friends who suffered from Bipolar saw the change but refused to get tested herself which was hugely disappointing. People came out and said it was just a ‘placebo’. It was insulting and discouraging. I said to Dom “save your story for the people who want to hear it. Don’t throw your pearls to swine”. Dom decided after much research that he wanted to become a Medical Doctor himself and specialise in Biochemistry as one of those who treated him.

It turns out Dom had passed the Mensa test many years ago, but never became a member. I asked him why and he said, “Well, if people knew I was in the top 2% of the brightest people in the world, they would then say, – and what has he done with his life?? And I wouldn’t have had an answer”. Now filled with passion, purpose and energy, Dom was able to put his intelligence to good use. He applied and got accepted into Sydney University and is now studying towards becoming a Doctor. He spends the rest of his spare time, doing his own research, setting up this website, as well as encouraging other people online who are suffering.

The only real down side of PD treatment, is the struggle with bouts of ‘copper dumping’, this causes occasional ragey moods and flu like symptoms. He’s only just started taking supps for that and the UM, so we will see how that goes. He still says it’s a tiny price to pay for gaining his life back, which is now unrecognisable to what it used to be.

I know he is eternally grateful to me for suggesting he get tested and reclaiming his life back, but what goes around comes around. I was ignorant of how very effective it could be and now I have been tested positive for PD and my children also. I suffer mild anxiety (mostly with tiredness and constant exhaustion) but my daughter has pretty bad anxiety which present as behavioural issues. I may never have thought to get her tested if I had not seen firsthand Dom’s amazing transformation.

I hope this helps others, Love to you all out there and I hope you find an end to whatever you are suffering from.

This is not the end, only the beginning….”


From Dominic: Please write your own story in the comments below. A potential drawback to sharing your story is that there must be some way of authenticating that it wasn’t just dreamt up by me. This would entail at least using an email address or something else that can be traced to an IP or account which I have nothing to do with. If this is an issue I’m sure there can be ways to maintain public anonymity at least by using a non-identifying email address.


21 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Lucinda Rogers

    My daughter got her reading back of 80 on Thursday (8yrs old)…my learning journey is about to begin. Any help/support/advice will be willingly received.

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  2. dominicpukallus Post author

    Hi Lucinda,
    It seems strange to congratulate someone on getting a diagnosis for a disorder, but at least now you know what’s wrong you can have a hope to actually see some real improvement. There’s an Australian Facebook support group for Pyrrole Disorder, https://www.facebook.com/groups/Pyrrole.Disorder.Australia/ It’s a closed group so you have to join, but there are a lot of people there who can give you help and advice. There is a lot of confusion out there even among people who know about it (which is why I feel I have to put this website together) and so you have to be careful about who you listen to and what you read, but you’ll see a common thread emerge. Did you get your test through a professional? If so, and they know about this, I’d say trust them unless you feel you’re not getting any benefit. If not, there are a quite a lot of practitioners in Australia who do this, even medically trained doctors and psychiatrists. We’re lucky in Australia that we have the highest number of practitioners per head of population in the world who know about this. I’d also look at methylation, and copper toxicity, which can exist independently of PD amongst other issues.


  3. marion syratt

    what a beautiful testimonial. Thank you both, Dom & Leonie. And i wish you both well on your journeys, both individually and together.
    My son (25) and I were both tested last year (by a biomedical dr) and came back “borderline”(which may have been to do with the time of day of our urine tests. We have both been on different supplements tailored to our individual needs. I have been ok with them, but perhaps some of the symptoms my son is having means he needs an adjustment to the prescription. But he is still attending the doctor, so all should be fine. My next blood test is tomorrow.
    I decided to wait until we had been on the supplements for a few months before i sent info about pyrroles and our story to family and friends who have ASD diagnoses. Only one so far has replied to me saying she will follow it up – her daughter actually had an appointment with the same doctor coming up, so they were going to add that to the mix. I haven’t yet heard the outcome. I am disappointed that the others haven’t followed through, but you can lead a horse to water….

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  4. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    Thanks Marion,
    Well, to me the ultimate proof is if you actually see an improvement, and other people see it too. You have to ask yourself how much that improvement is worth the expense. I consider myself extremely luck in that I responded so well to my treatment, and we can barely afford to keep it. I’ve been told I’m “shilling” for someone. Maybe Big Vitamin, maybe the people who are conducting the clinical research in the treatment method which led to my recovery. The people I intend to train with as a Medical Doctor. I’ve yet to see the big bucks.
    If all else fails, just eat well and let that be your medicine. I wish you the very best of luck in your recovery, keep me posted how it goes. Cheers,

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  5. Jeanne

    Been tested myself Dom, after stumbling on a reply in the Whirlpool Forum when I was looking up the herbal ingredients in the METAGENICS NEUROCALM recommended by my wonderful Phycian trained Naturopath. Some guy replied to heaps of people complaining about their symptoms of anxiety by asking had they ever heard of PYROLLE Disoder. This led me to search it out (avid researcher of anything to help with anxiety/depression). Mentioned it to my Doctor on next visit and to my amazement, she said “yes I’ve heard good reports of people being treated for that”. I wondered why she hadn’t told me about it, seeing she was writing me scripts for an SSRI, and I had told her I had been on Anti-depressants for the last 30 yrs and had been suffering since childhood, probably born with it, plus unhappy childhood. I digress! ANYWAY, she gave me script for KPU test, my Number was 17.
    New nothing, and no nothing more about it except what I read on the PYROLLE Group site which confuses me greatly as people talk about all sorts of letters and numbers I haven’t got a clue about. Doctor gave me script for Compound Chemist: “KPU THERAPY 200 X caps (Zinc picolinate 40mg, Vit B6 100mg P5P 50mg, Biotin 1000 mcg, Magnesium 100mg) Take TWO capsules WITH BREAKFAST as directed by your doctor”. Cost – $160! Have been on them for two weeks. Headaches, edgy at times very irritable and nauseous. To top it all of I was diagnosed with this very recently @ 81 yrs of age, suffering all my life (described by my mother as ” poor Jeanne, the worlds against her” on her death bed. I never thought that, I thought no that’s not right, my thoughts, my family wasn’t for me. Also last year @ 80 discovered via this iPad (which I am teaching myself with great difficulty!) after typing in “fat legs” the word LIPOEDEMA (look up http://www.lipoedema-simplified.org – if interested). so you see Dom and your lovely supportive partner I have a bit to contend with, plus a list of other chronic illnesses, nearly immobile, but fighting it. I have a gem of a husband of 57 yrs and four good adult children and 7 grandchildren, so have been richly blessed. I just wish I hadn’t been so depressed anxious and terribly negative for a lot of my life. Totally exhausted now, so must stop. So good to read your story Dom, related to so much. Happy for you that life is looking up and you have a wonderful supportive partner like I have. I live in Australia. God Bless you both. Jeanne.

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  6. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    Hi Jeanne,
    I’m sorry to hear about your many problems. I responded so well to treatment that it’s easy for me to forget that not everyone does. I think the reason for my success was that I didn’t have any other major health complications, and I had already changed my lifestyle to optimise my diet and stress levels which I believe are key to any kind of recovery. I have to caution people who start out that some react badly to B6, some react badly to P5P, and zinc will displace excess copper which can lead to a temporary aggravation of copper ‘toxicity’ symptoms. This could be the cause of any of your symptoms. Current research indicates that higher HPL levels are a result of oxidative stress (overwhelming amounts of free radicals), which is caused any kind of physical, mental, or emotional stressor including illness. This oxidative stress interferes with, among countless other body functions, metabolism of B6 and zinc which leads to the symptoms associated with Pyrrole Disorder and which increases stress and results in a vicious circle. I really have to get my act together and actually finish writing my article on this subject because that’s what this website is for.
    You may have to start slow and only take one capsule to begin with. The problem with compound supplements is you can’t vary individual supplement quantities. With a level of 17 (ug/dL?) the HPL may be just an indicator of the effect of your other conditions. I tested as an undermethylator as well which causes a lot of mental illness symptoms, and high (40%) unbound ‘toxic’ copper which has its own effects as well. These are just some of the possible other causes of mental health problems. For more information I recommend looking at the website of the people who trained my Doctors in this and with whom I intend to train if I ever get to be one myself http://www.walshinstitute.org/
    I wish you the best of luck.


  7. Lottie

    DEAR Dom you are on the same biochemical FB page
    I have been sick for 5 years spend over £30000 on therapists psychotherapists chiropractics homeopaths and fringe alternatives. I had extreme stress during 2012 a realisation my daughter who had gone to university was actually estranged and didn’t return a brief break up with my partner my job as a Special Needs teacher for24 years all took its toll and one night I went t bed and woke with symptoms of hell extreme despair and anxious depression.. it has been like this the past five years. I look ok though tests I have had show oxidative stress dysbiosis candida I also have fibromyalgia poor gut absorption low ferritin and more . My GP has no clue done the basic test thyroid etc all came back normal except this week my liver function alkaline phosphate was low. the GP said they only worry when it is high but I checked out why and it is linked with malnutrition low zinc low p5p. I had tried treating pyrolluria in th e past with zinc and p5p but I must have been copper dumping because my symptoms actually got a great deal worse and I gave up.. Basically any stress, particularly dysfunctional family stress and there is a great deal of this can send me into a suicidal despair causes worsening of symptoms. I cant travel far I have so many panic anxieties. What interested me was the way you were more relaxed in the evening. Noone I have asked in the past can explain how until 5pm I have suicidal depression and then slowly the veil lifts and I am pre illness relaxed and comfortable about 70pc of evenings are like this. I am working on healing my gut have started charcoal this week and increased fibre . I am already having no gluten sugar dairy alcohol etc. I pray do yoga which really helps with fibro and stress and walk a lot. I also practice an attifude of gratitude. I was struck to by the similarity with the humanitarian stuff it effects me right into my soul and impacts in increased stress.. at worse I had to stop watching and reading news ..im back to tat again at the moment . I look forward to hearing about what you think about my story and what you think about mitosynergie to help with the copper.
    Bless you and your lovelywife

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  8. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    Hi Lottie,
    I’m really sorry to hear about your many problems. When I started university in Australia I was under a huge amount of stress, compounding previously high levels from various situations. At that time I developed a nasty candida bowel infestation as well as the severe worsening of the symptoms of what would later be diagnosed as depression, anxiety, and OCD. The infestation eventually seemed to resolve, but the symptoms never did. My understanding is that the stress, candida, and the symptoms which can be ascribed to the eventual Pyrrole Disorder, undermethylation, and copper overload diagnoses, are all related. I’ll have to talk about that more in other articles.

    My symptoms largely cleared after 2 weeks of biochemical/nutrient/orthomolecular therapy with supplements. I was treated by a Doctor who had done extensive testing and prescribed an elaborate supplementation protocol based on that using their training by the Walsh Research Institute (see my article on Pyrrole Disorder). This is highly recommended for best results, as B6 and zinc are the basic supplements for treating PD but there are other cofactors involved, and there may be a combination of issues as is my case. Even then, I became aware of terrible “copper dumping” symptoms 2 weeks after that. Basically, that involved terrible inner rage, anxiety, and buzzing sensations in the torso, around the solar plexus area as well as the odd non-acne pimple. It was a struggle not to let this spill over into my relationships, but I also was extremely grateful about not being depressed and my new-found zest for life made it bearable. I eventually found that molybdenum and very large doses of vitamin C were useful in dealing with this, as when I started these 4 months into dumping the symptoms went away and have stayed that way. When I was retested recently, my HPL (“pyrrole”) level was down to 29.7 ug/dL from 46.5 ug/dL and even though my serum copper had gone up (expected when you are dumping) my ceruloplasmin also had so my toxic “unbound” copper also had gone down from 40% to around 26%.

    Apparently, it is a common trait of PD that sufferers are terrible in the morning, easing as the day progresses. At my worst I’d lie in bed feeling unable to face the day for as long as possible, extending into the afternoon. Morning nausea was frequent, especially when brushing the teeth. I’d stay up as late as possible to enjoy the lessening of the symptoms, knowing that the next day the cycle would be repeated. I make a joke that with the aversion to light common in PD (which I still suffer from at least visually), the pale skin resulting from associated excess peroxide, low iron, the preference for evenings, and the mental disturbances, there may be a historical basis to the vampire legends after all. PD is supposed to be related to porphyria, which can have similar but worse symptoms as I understand.

    I find in my case that it is imperative to live a lifestyle emphasising stress avoidance and management. That includes nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and meditation. A sense of spiritual connection and at least some form of gratitude are also beneficial, but these are personal issues which cannot be forced. The strategies you are pursuing are those which I would recommend to anyone. As far as Mitosynergy copper supplementation is concerned, I’m not convinced by the marketing (nor the science presented to justify it) that is is necessary at least in most cases like this. My understanding is that copper from organic food sources is safe and beneficial, while the culprit is the mineral copper from water, pipes, cookware, additives, and most cheap supplements. I’m simplifying terribly, but that’s why you need a properly trained professional advising you in these matters. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the relief I did.


  9. Michele

    Just a quick response to your wonderful healing but I will post more later – my son at age 4 was diagnosed whith bipolar, we
    Lived a nightmare for years until we found Mensah Medical. I also wrote a story about his amazing healing… I will send it soon!!
    My son is a severe undermythelator; had mild pyroluria; elevated copper and low zinc. Life was horrible until he was tested and treated with his biochemical plan.. we saw numerous doctors, psychiatrist’s and others who all recommended meds and said he had bipolar. Well they were all wrong!! Love to you for sharing your blessed story – I feel the same as you and also share to help others!!

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  10. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    Also, a friend of mine from one of the Facebook support groups shared this story. It’s more about her journey in seeking answers to her problems rather than about getting better from treatment though that is mentioned at the end, but it is relevant. I’m assured that despite the classification, it is actually not fiction. http://www.narrativemagazine.com/issues/winter-2017/fiction/how-lose-everything-twelve-easy-steps-alethea-black


  11. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    Great to hear! I’m looking forward to it. In their defense, they may not have been wrong per se. The diagnosis from symptom clusters alone would have been right according to the DSM but this paradigm considers the possible biochemical causes which are theorised from clinical research and diagnosed from objective testing. It’s a bit apple-and-oranges to compare them.


  12. Heather L. Hubbard


    Your story is so inspiring and gives me hope!! I have been on antidepressants for 20 years, sadly….I still have major episodes once every 4-5 years….I had one in June of this year that just will not let up. I did find out I have Candida and Leaky gut so I know thats part of it but its the anxiety thats just stripping my life away. I did the PR test, actually hoping I have it, but my number came back as 8,6…I guess normal is up to 10 :(. I think my copper / zinc ratio may be off….zinc is 100 and copper is 111. I am just hoping that maybe by detoxing the copper I can get better? I have a phone consultation with Mensah soon…..

    Thank you for sharing your story. Its nice to hear a happy ending for once.



  13. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    H Heather, I really feel for you in your journey.
    I did have a major Candida infestation around the time my Pyrrole Disorder (PD) symptoms really took off. In line with current research in the matter, I would say both the yeast and the PD were expressions of the severe stress I was under at the time, for various personal reasons. I suppose I carried a chronic yeast problem ever since, even though the major symptoms had disappeared. Yeast is known to be a zinc leech in the gut.

    From what I have learned over the last few years yeast, stress, and other factors including diet are a major source of gut dysbiosis. This is the breakdown of the proper gut microbe ‘ecosystem’ which is increasingly being shown to be essential for good health, including mental health through the gut-brain axis. Intestinal permeability, or “leaky gut” is another expression of this dysbiosis and leads to multiple physical problems including inflammation which can also affect the brain. There is a lot of research in the effects of this on brain function that I know of, starting with Dr Abram Hoffer whom I consider the ‘father’ of this branch of the nutrient approach to Mental Health.

    All of this is to say that as HPL (“pyrrole”) levels are really an indicator of the oxidative stress you happen to be under at the time (this is in the article I wrote on PD which is on this website) and which are now theorised to be the cause of what is now known as PD, you may still be needing some supplementation for this. 8.6 is still high, as 10 is the elevated end of the spectrum. This is for the trained practitioners to decide though. Similarly, there are other Biochemical issues known to affect mental health including copper overload, methylation problems, as well as the aforementioned gut dysbiosis and inflammation, which can occur independently of PD though their symptoms lie on the same spectrum.

    It may well be that ridding yourself of excess copper not bound to ceruloplasmin under proper Medical supervision could provide you with a great easing of your problems, and I wish you the best in this. I do find from my experience that it is best not to rely upon one single solution as good as it may be, as it seems taking steps to improve one’s general physical and psychological health using a variety of strategies together tends to multiply the results you would get from each separately.


  14. James

    I am on the Walsh Protocol with a Walsh Trained Physician. I am no longer diagnosable with many of the mental health concerns I USED to have. Thank you Dr. Walsh.

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  15. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    Thanks for your comment James. If you would like, could you please keep us posted on how you’re doing? I’m also curious what your diagnoses were, both from the standard psychiatric DSM and the biochemical testing points of view.


  16. James

    Hi Dominic. Yes I will post on how I am doing. However I am not comfortable sharing diagnosis and treatment. Reason being I am going to be M.D. someday and don’t want to disclose until possibly sometime in the future after I become Walsh Trained.

    Healthy regards


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  17. Dominic Pukallus Post author

    That’s great to hear! I’m exploring financial avenues which would enable me currently at the tender age of 48 to study full-time in an MD program for this same purpose here in Australia, assuming the other selection factors which would go with my good University Medical Admissions Test result might qualify me for entry in the first place.

    If I’m unable to do this for any reason, I’ll stick with the part-time Medical Science studies and engage in research later in this field if I’m not too old! I look forward to meeting one day in some professional capacity but in the meantime I wish you the best in your studies and continued Recovery.


  18. James

    Yes I am sure we will eventually meet professionally at some point! Your not to old to do what you want to do! I’m 35 and just starting life for the first time. The Walsh Protocol has produced miraculous results for me. I am very excited to become a doctor and heal mentally ill patients. It is what I am on earth to do. I wish you much success in any direction you go in.

    Healthy Regards


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