Pyrrole Disorder Awareness Bracelets

It seems these days there’s a bracelet for every sort of issue. Do you have Pyrrole Disorder? Have a loved one who suffers from it? Do you just want to spread awareness or show support? I came up with this on my own initiative because I wanted one and nobody else was offering it, as a possible conversation starter for spreading the word and maybe even a way for us Pyrolurics to recognise each other. It did turn out a bit more pink than the mauve I expected, but I’m stuck with it until this batch runs out.

Pyrrole Disorder mauve bracelet

The bracelet.


The bracelet being worn.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not making any money out of this. I did receive a large amount of surplus bracelets from Bio-Balance Health Australia for free to supplement my own inventory, as they asked me to source from my supplier these bracelets to be handed out at the 2017 conference featuring speakers from the Walsh Research Institute. Because of this I am able to reduce the price of each bracelet even lower than cost price, to AUD $1.00 per item. Postage will depend on your location, and the amount. For orders of up to 6 items, these are the total costs including postage in Australian Dollars (AUD):

Pyrrole Disorder Bracelet Order Costs

Once you have filled in and submitted the above order form, please transfer the appropriate payment from the table using this Paypal link. Please note that Paypal charges an extra fee of 10% for processing the payment, last I checked. Also, make sure the added description note on your payment includes a name matching your order so I know who the payment is from. Once payment is received and matched to your order, it will be sent to you and you will be notified using the email you provided.

Thank you for your purchase!